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Save A Lot Food Stores Ltd. is an American discount supermarket chain store headquartered in St. Ann, Missouri, in Greater St. Louis. It is a subsidiary of Onex Corporation and has about 1,300 stores across 36 states in the United States with over $4 billion in annual sales.

A former employee wrote this about Save-A-Lot on Indeed: Save-A-Lot lie constantly. Tell you that you will get a certain pay and then try to change it once hired. Management backstabbed and spread gossip. No chance of advancement. They refuse to admit when they are wrong. They trash talk customers behind their back (racist comments/mocking financial situations). Unethical business practices going on in the meat department. Easily in the top two worst places I have ever worked. I do not recommend.


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Store manager (Current Employee) says

"hated it everyday I had to go there never any help always shorthanded then verbally abused by ownershipWork your shift then get called back in because night guy didn't come in noneOwnership"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Nothing I don’t care to work there anymore people who works there only care about there self don’t have anything nice to say about working with save a lot"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They lie constantly. Tell you that you will get a certain pay and then try to change it once hired. Management backstabbed and spread gossip. No chance of advancement. They refuse to admit when they are wrong. They trash talk customers behind their back (racist comments/mocking financial situations). Unethical business practices going on in the meat department. Easily in the top two worst places I have ever worked. I do not recommend.Not muchAlmost everything"

Office Assistant/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"They dont pay enough for all the work they want to do people are lazy and no one helps no one they need more leadership n guidence and better pays anpNothingLaziness"

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"No communication, no one to show how to do stuff. Lack of moving up .The lack of work extras for most of the employees. I was working 7 days week couldn't afford not too.NoneAlot"

Stocker/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"I have never work for a company that just don't care adout their employees. You have to work 250 hours to get a 26 cent raise .but only get. 12 or 20 a week so you do the math.None!You name it."

Office Cashier (Former Employee) says

"A regular cashier will be asked to ring register, collect carts from outside, make sure the front end of the store is cleaned, swept and all the trash is taken out. You will be asked to stock shelves or even clean the bathroom all for minimum wage. The next available promotion is a office clerk/key holder. This promotion will only bump you up 50 cents an hour but you will be asked to do the jobs of a manager. Don’t even get me started on that. This company treats their employees like garbage. 0/10 would not recommend."

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Nope never again this place is straight trash. I would never ever work here again they work you like you're a slave. You might not get you break and the never schedule the cashier properly"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"You will never get anywhere with this company!! The stress developed by this company gave me an ascending aortic aneurysm that almost killed me, I had to get immediate heart surgery....never went back"

Office Clerk (Current Employee) says

"They overwork their employees, especially assistant managers. The scheduling is horrible ie: close Tuesday open Wednesday. I was supposed to receive a raise a month ago and have yet to receive it."

assistant manager (Current Employee) says

"Store manager in fort oglethorpe is always stressed out and brings his home stress to work and loves drama with his meat manager and his produce manager.None don't work hereWorking there"

Grocery Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Had some great coworkers but the openers were all siblings and could never agree on how to run the store. Often it would cause much grief for the employees. No benefits to speak of even for full time employees. Not rated by the better business bureau"

fresh meat rapper/ stocker/ cashier/ customer service (Current Employee) says

"Well my two years working for this company I have never received any raises they have no benefits for the employees nor do they appreciate the employees hard work. Save-A-Lot is a dead-end job with no room to grow for the employees."

Order Selector/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Just really not worth it. The pay is good and you’ll be fine if your the guy who goes out drinking with the supervisors on the weekend, or if you are the buddy buddy type. You can’t just work your butt off and do your job right to the T. An still eventually they’ll find a way to get rid of you if they simply just “don’t like you”"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Need new manager at this place, I was told they where going to give full time, they never did never did I never got my 50cents rised. They have always pick on people. It is best not to go there for work, u can do better somewhere else. Paid is to low, the managers r belitting and abusiveness and they r unbelievers and they smoke grass on there break.They close at 8pmThis store manager is a lier on all things!!"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management does not care good time a out coming out of office for help if you need them. Just goes to show, give a person a management title and it makes their head and their butts fat."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"not good was not a great time there. no no no no no no no no no no not what I wanted. the employees was the best part of the job. and i will miss them"

Order Selector (Former Employee) says

"Management no good there. Worst place ever to work for, management kisses people's butt if you tell on people, do not work for this company I recommend to work for McDonald's instead of working for this company"

Stocker (Current Employee) says

"I was not trained properly. The management was not understanding of work life balance. I worked at the kinsman location. It's was said to be the worst."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Worst job i have ever had in the history of history they want you to do every job from cashier to stocking for minimum wages i deserve a raised but of course i heard Save A Lot don't give raises"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Didn't care about the workers."

Former Employee - Shift Leader says

"Working full time shifts without the benefits overworked stingy and demanding company"

Current Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"Horrible customer base, impossibly high standards of efficiency, and typically low wages that only attract bad coworkers."

Current Employee - Management says

"Not a positive, friendly, caring, honest culture to work in. Results must be obtained as this is more important than a healthy people culture. If you are an out of the box thinker or team player, then find something more suitable elsewhere."

Former Employee - Stocker says

"Poor communication from management Non-flexible/constantly changing hours will little or no advanced warning of schedule changes"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Corporate has no idea what it is doing. Cut payroll is there way to fix everything and then wonder why nothing gets done"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"negative run company, never given support"

Former Employee - Order Picker says

"Management is really poor needs work"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Store managers are paid well only because they because they are extremely over worked. Hourly employee's are not paid well so it is extremely difficult to find employee's let alone good, honest and dependent employees. The company culture is terrible. There is next to zero support from upper level management. They do not care about the well being of their employees and it is evident in their actions."


"U don’t have a life , u work for salary, for a poor paycheck, where I was working the manager left a half pallet with dairy stuff outside for more that 20 hours, later when I find out, she decided to take back to de cooler and later that to the shelf. I hope so the customer are ok. Love work here but they don’t have the best attitude and atención to see exactly was is going on at the store"

Kelley Wiers says

Yesterday my husband went to Sav a lot on White Creek in Cedar Springs, Mi. We spend a lot of money there. They told my husband he was "banned" from the store. Here is why;

Dave (husband) waited a while for the woman in front of him to check out in order to buy his milk and bread and hamburger. When it was his turn at the checkout the register locked up (or something) My husband then asked if they could just use a different register as there are many, and he had to get get to work (2nd shift)

The assistant manager, (Days) Blew up at him and screamed;.
"i can't just go POOF and make everything work, as he threw up his arms and spit in my husbands face, when the word "poof" came out. My husband left without getting the groceries.

Now i know people and businesses are nuts and afraid of Covid 19. Everyone acts weird. So if that what this assistant managers problem, why would he risk my husbands health and spit at him? Now, i am very high risk for complications due to Covid. I don't know what we are going to do if that saliva from that manager at Sav a Lot brings Corona Virus to my family.

14301 White Creek Ave NE,
Cedar Springs, MI 49319
Kelley Wiers"